Wearing wool this Autumn…

Firstly, is it just me or is everyone running hot?! Chilly mornings and warm days make dressing at this time of year tricky. Wool, with its thermo-regulating qualities, is the perfect solution regulating your body temperature. Team this with a cotton lining and you are truly winning.

Secondly, wool is sustainable meaning well-cared garments are set to last you a lifetime. They are perfect hand-me-down items to family and friends. Weaving this wonderful natural fibre does not come at the cost of harming our beautiful planet and well-cared for sheep are set to produce a new fleece every year making wool a truly renewable fibre source. 

Lastly.. just look at all of the wonderful ways in which wool can be produced. Stunning bold colours, rich in depth and complexity, to intricate weaves and of course, my ultimate favourite, boucle. 

Our new fabric collections are ready and waiting, be in touch here nooshin@nooshin.co.uk to make your appointment with me this Autumn.

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