From its conception, over 170 years ago, Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with the finest cloth. In 1836 Stephen George Holland & Frederick Sherry began the business as woollen merchants at 10 Old Bond Street, London, specialising in both woollen and silk cloths. 1886 saw Holland & Sherry moved premises to Golden Square, at the time the epicentre of the woollen merchanting trade.

By 1900 the firm was exporting to many countries and around that time a sales office was established in New York. In the early part of the twentieth century, the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America were the dominant markets for the company. Amongst other distribution arrangements, there was a Holland & Sherry warehouse in St. Petersburg, Russia, a successful market prior to the revolution and now being successfully renewed.

By 1982 the business moved to Savile Row, which remains their registered head office. In 1968 Holland & Sherry bought Scottish cloth merchant, Lowe Donald, based at Peebles, in the Scottish Borders and decided to locate their distribution to the purpose built warehouse there. Of all the cloth merchants of Golden Square which were established in the late 1800’s, only Holland & Sherry remains. Over the decades we have purchased nearly twenty other wool companies.

They are constantly engaged in research for ever finer and more luxurious fibres and fabric qualities; sourcing the finest natural fibres, ranging from super 200’s with cashmere to pure worsted Vicuña. Their cloths are woven in the time honoured way by generations of craftsmen to assured quality and good taste.


The partnership of Bernstein & Banleys Ltd was formed in 1960. A move to larger premises in Cork Street, established B&B as a leading Trimming Merchant supplying the local Savile Row trade.


Pongees have been in the silk business for a long time – hence the confidence we have in describing ourselves as ‘specialists in SILK’. The origins of the present day Pongees Ltd lie in Zurich, Switzerland where the forerunner of today’s company was founded in the 19th century under the name of Ostertag Hausamann Faes. Switzerland has historical connections of silk trading with China stretching back over many hundreds of years and OHF were a leading silk trader during this period.

In 1931 a branch office opened in London under the name of Pongees Ltd (Pongee being  a generic term for a particular group of Chinese silk fabrics which were especially popular at that time).

Originally based on London’s Old Street, Pongees are still located very close to their original home, having  moved the office and showroom in 1995 to  fashionable Hoxton Square.  The company still retains its  historical links with their Swiss founders through its chairman Christian Hausamann who is resident in Zurich.

Much has changed however in the range of  silk fabrics that are now available.  Pongees  original core range consisted mainly of Greige silk fabric for the printing industry for silk ties  and scarves. Whilst these same products remain part of Pongees collection the range of fabrics has grown to include  a wide ranging selection of plain dyed, embroidered and jacquard woven fabrics for all sectors of the silk industry. From the detailed product information in our website, you will see displayed an amazing array of colours in an even wider variety of silk products sourced from all over the globe. These include Silk Chiffons and Tulles from France, Silk Organzas, Habotai’s, Crepe Georgettes, Crepe Satins and Crepe de Chines from China and  Taffetas, Duchess Satins, Douppions and Textured silks including Matkas and Tasars in plain dyed and natural finishes from India. There are of course many more products in our exclusive Interiors collection of Woven Jacquards, Embroideries and Prints all on 100% silk fabrics.

Our products still emanate from traditional and reliable sources in China, India and   France as well as certain bespoke fabric qualities from Italy and Thailand. We also continue to utilise top quality dyeing, printing and embroidery processes in Europe and the UK for the conversion of our plain fabrics. Pongees take great pride in the quality of the products they supply and visit our production facilities regularly to ensure only the highest production standards are being met both technically and ethically.

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